【References】What is Neonicotinoids pesticides?(English language)

【Neonicotinoids pesticides pollution to the Environment】 Reported by Hiroshi Ogiwara. Noted on 28 Aug 2022, Last updated on 4 Nov 2022.

Related articles and videos with some facts about Neonicotinoids(Neonics) pesticides if you liked it, please find more the following website.
The name literally means “new nicotine-like insecticides(pesticides)”.
Please check your country’s regulations of Neonicotinoids pesticides carefully due to changing regulations or restrictions by every year. Most all of you are taken a food(Rice, Bread and Vegetables etc.) and water(include drinking water) that have been exposed by Neonicotinoids pesticides in your daily life in Japan and many other countries.

Especially, I am very concerned about Neonicotinoids pesticides pollution both countries of Japan and China. Because Japan and China have nothing or lenient restrictions of Neonicotinoids pesticides at this moment.
Neonicotinoids pesticides has been definitely having collapsed Ecosystem since developed them in 1992. And according to the latest research, pregnant woman and foetus are exposed from a Neonicotinoids pesticides, and studies such as effect on the brain of foetus is accumulating.

For your reference, France has banned the use of all kinds of Neonicotinoids in September 2018.
The EU except France has been banned the use of three kinds of Neonicotinoids (Imidacloprid, Thiamethoxam and Clothianidin) in outdoor in December 2018.
South Korea has been also banned the use of three kinds of Neonicotinoids (Imidacloprid, Thiamethoxam and Clothianidin) in outdoor in March 2014.

【The Neonicotinoids family】
4 of the 7 types were developed by Japanese companies, Sumitomo Chemical, Nippon Soda, Mitsui Chemicals and Sumitomo Chemical.
You can buy them at home centre such as D2, Conan and amazon without a license in Japan.
The other countries except Japan maybe different how to purchase them.

1. Clothianidin, Bayer CropScience
Product name(sample): Dantop(Commercial product), Arena 50 WDG Insecticide

2. Dinotefuran, Syngenta
Product name(sample): Zylam 20 SG, Safari 20 SG Insecticide

3. Thiamethoxam, Sumitomo Chemical/Bayer CropScience
Product name(sample): Demand Duo Insecticide(Household product), Optigard Flex Liquid(Household product), Caravan G Insecticide/Fungicide(Commercial product)

4. Acetamiprid, Nippon Soda(Nisso)
Product name(sample): EndZone Insecticide Sticker(Household product), Mospilan(Commercial product)

5. Imidacloprid, Bayer CropScience.
Product name(sample): Bonide (BND95349) – Insect Control Systemic Granules(Household product), Imidacloprid 75 WSB(Commercial product)

6. Thiacloprid, Mitsui Chemicals
Product name(sample): Calypso 480 SC(Commercial product), Biscaya 240 OD

7. Nitenpyram, Sumitomo Chemical
Product name(sample): Nitenpyram Flea Killer(Household product),

【Characteristics of Neonicotinoids pesticides】
1. Strong insecticidal action on Hemiptera. e.g. stink bugs, bees, dragonflies, flies etc.
2. Water-soluble and highly permeable to plants=Neonicotinoid pesticides cannot be removed by washing vegetables and fruits etc. before eating them.
3. Resistant to decomposition in the environment.= It will still continue to be exposed for very long-term.

【Tips for preventing from Neonicotinoids pesticides in your daily life】
1. You can change a daily consumed products like rice, bread and vegetables to organic or specially cultivated agricultural products. Or make them your own at your garden or planter.
※I recommend that you should change to organic food with daily products such as Rice, Bread or Miso etc.

Investigation of Neonicotinoids pesticides residues in leafy vegetables. (Japanese only)

If you want to buy a organic food, you can choose that is called “TOPVALU Green Eye Organic(AEON original)” in Japan at AEON(Nationwide Supermarket store). And it is cheaper than the other organic grocery store.

2. You can learn about Neonicotinoids, consider the benefit and risk for them after that, you can also tell your family and your friends.

3. You can work with civic groups, scientists, city council members, and politicians to call on companies that produce Neonicotinoids to stop producing them. And you can also request to change the law about Neonicotinoids with city council members and politicians.

【The information of Neonicotinoids pesticides】
1. An official website of the European Union
“Some facts about Neonicotinoids”

2. Schedule for Review of Neonicotinoid Pesticides l US Environmental protection Agency

3. Task Force on Systemic Pesticides(23 June 2014)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QceID-Vb64&t=3s (with Japanese, Chinese and the other languages subtitles available)

4. [Recommendation] Pesticides – Our World in Data
–>You can find out how much pesticides are used in your country.
Pesticide application rates: Top three countries in the past ten years all over the world: Japan, China, South Korea.

5. What is Neonicotinoids? (Japanese articles, Translate maybe required.)

6. [Recommendation] What is Neonicotinoids? -Information and Resources-
http://www.actbeyondtrust.org/whats-neonico/neonico1/(Ecosystem impact)
http://www.actbeyondtrust.org/whats-neonico/neonico2(Effect on the human body)
http://www.actbeyondtrust.org/whats-neonico/neonico4/(Comparison with each country)

7. List of articles about Neonicotinoid pesticides.

8. [Recommendation] TBS programme, News feature “Neonicotinoid pesticides on humans” (6 November 2021, TBS is one of nationwide broadcast company in Japan.
–Video: https://youtu.be/0J1T-MO3t5U (with English, Chinese and the other languages subtitles available)
–Articles: https://note.com/tbsnews/n/n04426dc77ea1

9. [Recommendation] “How Chemical Giants Destroyed our Ecosystem” by ARTE programme(France, Belgium, 2021)
*Available till 4 August, 2022

10. “Pesticides: European Hypocrisy” by ARTE programme( France, Brazil, 2022)
*Available till 4 October, 2022

11. [Recommendation] Are neonicotinoids safe for humans?(27 Feb 2022)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=NrdjbPDUtmE&feature=emb_logo (with English, Chinese and the other languages subtitles available)
–>M.D.,PhD, Ms. TAIRA who is expert for toxic and environment medicine explains about Neonicotinoid pesticides to human effect easily.

12. Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare May 19, 2015 “Shokuan No. 0519 No. 1”「食安発 0519 第 1 号」 (Japanese articles, Translate maybe required.)
・Revision of residue limits for Acetamiprid and Clothianidin.
e.g.、Acetamiprid: Wheat/Rye/Soybean (0.01ppm before revision → 0.3ppm after revision, “deregulation 30 times”)
e.g.、Clothianidin: Spinach (3ppm before revision → 40ppm after revision, “deregulation about 13 times”)

13. Raising residue standards for neonicotinoid pesticides – Revised standards for acetamiprid and clothianidin (Japanese articles, Translate maybe required.)

14. [Recommendation] Chronology of Neonicotinoid Pesticides (Japanese articles, Translate maybe required.)

15. Main product names of neonicotinoid pesticides (Summary of Act Beyond Trust) (Japanese articles, Translate maybe required.)

16. “Massive deaths and disappearances of honeybees…Why not ban pesticides suspected of having an impact?  A sense of urgency in the field.There are also cases where the number of nests that avoid use has increased” by Nshinippon newspaper on 13 June 2018.

17. Worldwide Integrated Assessment | The Task Force on Systemic Pesticides

18. Pesticides: Sales of the bee killers | Public Eye

19. Pesticide giants make billions from bee-harming and carcinogenic chemicals | Public Eye

20. Children and Health – Japanese Society for Organic Agricultur (Japanese articles, Translate maybe required.)
・Relationship between bees and children’s health and neonicotinoids pesticides:https://www.1971jo

・Pesticides and human damage:https://www.1971joaa.org/app/download/8028532954/201003nouyaku.pdf?t=1598496771

21.The environmental risks of neonicotinoid pesticides: a review of the evidence post 2013(Open Access)

22.Systemic insecticides (neonicotinoids and fipronil): trends, uses, mode of action and metabolites(Open Access)

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